Neighborhood Placemaking -- The Integration of Planning and People: Three Workshops on March 26, 28 & April 5

The new direction for the City of Santa Monica’s Planning and Community Development Department is focused on outreach and building consensus in the community. This will take many forms.

The immediate effort, as part of the Land Use and Circulation Elements (LUCE) update, will be focused on a number of workshops where community members can envision how they want their community to evolve in ways that benefit the community.

The message from the City to community members is to come take your place at the table. This is your opportunity to have an important say about the future of your neighborhood. The workshops will be hands-on and encourage exploration of qualities that make an interesting and desirable place to live.

The LUCE Plan will guide the City’s future for the next 20 years. The City completed the initial public outreach effort and is now seeking your input to begin examining critical issues that will advance public policy and established goals.

This first series of workshops will focus on the residential neighborhoods, the building blocks of the community and on the concept of “Placemaking.” Together, we will explore redirecting the focus from a rules based approach that shapes buildings -- to a community based planning process that focuses on creating exciting places that provide community benefit as opposed to impacts.

A “hands-on” planning exercise will identify planning principles for appropriately located residentially-based, mixed-use “places” which will provide support and services to existing neighborhoods, as well as to identify new transportation and parking alternatives to maintain the quality of life throughout the City.

Each workshop will focus on a different area of the City. Come to one or come to all:

Pico Area
Monday, March 26
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Virginia Avenue Park, Thelma Terry Room
2200 Virginia Avenue

Wilmont/Mid-city Areas
Wednesday, March 28
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Lincoln Middle School Cafeteria
1501 California Avenue

Ocean Park/Sunset Park Areas
Thursday, April 5
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Olympic High School Cafeteria
721 Ocean Park Boulevard

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