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By Lookout Staff

May 13, 2024 -- SAMOSHEL -- Santa Monica's homeless shelter on Olympic Boulevard next to the freeway -- is now taking in clients around the clock, City officials announced Friday.

The three-decade's old white tent-like structure -- run by homeless service provider The People Concern -- also completed major renovations to create a separate intake area.

The $800,000 allocated to boost services under the current City budget ensures first responders have overnight access to the shelter, which has 60 beds and offers "wrap-around" services.

"More people will be able to access shelter when they need it, and first responders will have another resource available for addressing homelessness and maintaining a clean and safe community," City officials said.

Shareipha Myvett, The People Concern’s senior director of interim housing, said the extended hours "marks a crucial step in our mission to support our unhoused neighbors.

"With around-the-clock referrals in collaboration with our partners and the City of Santa Monica, we ensure that our doors are always open, providing safe and immediate support," Myvett said.

The expanded hours and renovations are the result of a major restructuring by the City Council to create a new department and allocate new tax dollars to tackle Santa Monica's persistent homeless problem ("Council Creates Department to Focus on Housing and Homelessness," March 13, 2023).

Under a reorganization plan approved by the Council in March 2023, the newly created Housing and Human Services Department became "the organization point" for homelessness services and programs.

The new department was created one month after the City declared a Homelessness Emergency ("Council Votes to Declare Homelessness Emergency," February 15, 2023).

Santa Monica -- which spends an estimated $42.5 million a year on homeless programs and services -- boosted its efforts during the current fiscal year ("Workplan Outlines City's Efforts Tackling Homelessness," February 3, 2023).

In addition to redesigning SAMOSHEL for around-the-clock intakes, the City Council expanded the homeless outreach team and Police Department liaison team, launched a pilot homeless support team and implemented a therapeutic transport program.

The SAMOSHEL enhancements will "provide the resources needed to best help individuals experiencing homelessness in our city to move into shelter to have a safe space to sleep and support them on their pathway out of homelessness," said Housing and Human Services Director Heather Averick.

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