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No Major Changes in Latest Santa Monica Vote Count
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By Niki Cervantes
Staff Writer

November 29, 2016 -- The all-but final tally in Santa Monica's November 8 election caused no major changes, shoring up victories by four incumbent City Council members and keeping the loser of the hottest measure on the ballot firmly in place.

Although some mail-in and provisional ballots were not included in the count –- the sixth since the November 8 election -– City Council Member Terry O’Day remained the top vote-getter in the race for four open seats.

The results, released Monday by the county, showed O’Day received 18,168 votes, or 16.41 percent of the vote, followed by Mayor Tony Vazquez with 17,419 votes and Ted Winterer with 17,158 votes, with each garnering approximately 15.73 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Gleam Davis finished fourth among the ten candidates on the ballot with 16,864 votes, or 15.23 percent.

Of the remaining candidates, which also included a write-in candidate, Armen Melkonians came closest to cracking the top four –- but he was still more than 5,000 votes shy of the total votes cast for Davis.

Melkonians, who co-authored the controversial slow-growth Measure LV, received 11,586 votes, or 10.46 percent.

The latest vote count also did little to change the election-night tally for Measure LV, which pitted a cash-strapped grassroots group worried about development against the city’s establishment funded with more than $1.1 million, mainly from developers.

As of now, LV -- which would have required voter approval for most large developments -- was defeated with 23,124 votes cast in opposition, or 55.79 percent. The pro-LV camp received 18,321 votes, or 44.21 percent.

Los Angeles County election officials are continuing to count votes cast by mail and provisional ballots. Monday’s update included 138,000 ballots processed since election night, officials said.

The total election turnout for the county currently stands at 3,347,851, which is 65.60 percent of eligible voters.

The seventh canvass update will be released Wednesday. California law gives counties 30 days to complete election counts, allowing the time to canvass ballots that were mailed, are provisional or might be damaged.

Provisional ballots are ballots cast by voters who believe they are registered but are not listed at their polling place, do not have a required form of voter identification or have their eligibility challenged by an election official.

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