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Santa Monica Approves $9 million Consent Calendar

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By Daniel Larios
Staff Writer

July 23, 2014 -- The Santa Monica City Council approved more than $9 million in expenses Tuesday, including funding to repave roads and install new elevators in public parking structures.

The biggest expenditure was a $5,230,544 contract with Los Angeles-based Icon West Inc. to replace existing elevators in Downtown Parking Structures 2, 4, and 5 with new elevator machines and cabins.

The elevators in the affected parking structures flanking the popular Third Street Promenade were installed when the structures were built in the 1960s, with each structure served by three elevators.

"The new elevators would reduce maintenance costs, enhance customer experience and bring the parking structure elevators into compliance with all applicable seismic, ADA, and building code requirements," the staff report states.

The scope of the project includes removing existing elevator equipment, replacing roofing at elevator shafts, and installing brand new fire alarm systems that meet Fire Department approval and new elevator equipment and controls.

The project also includes upgrading one elevator in each structure to provide gurney access, installing a new air conditioning system for elevator equipment rooms and providing life and safety upgrades required by law.

In addition to the cost of construction, $435,242 will be allocated to Ontario-based Kitchell Corp. to provide construction management services for the project.

The project is scheduled to begin construction in September and will be completed within 470 working days, according to the staff report.

The Council also voted to allocate $4,006,588 to Brea-based Sully-Miller Contracting Company to provide annual upkeep of City sidewalks and streets.

"Improvements made through the Annual Paving and Sidewalk Repair Project would maintain the City’s streets at a high functional rating level, enhance pedestrian safety, and continue implementing recommendations of the City’s Bicycle Action Plan," the staff report states.

The project would consist of repaving city roads, removing and reconstructing sidewalks, curbs and gutters and pruning tree roots.

Streets being repaved include residential streets in the Mid-city neighborhood, between Santa Monica Boulevard, Montana Avenue, 15th Street, and 26th Street.

Street paving will also is slated for 2nd Street between Colorado Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard in Downtown, on Ocean Avenue between Seaside Terrace and Pico Boulevard, and on the westbound I-10 Freeway off-ramps for Lincoln Boulevard, 5th Street and 4th Street.

In addition, green bicycle lanes will be installed on 2nd Street from Colorado Avenue to California Avenue Downtown, and other striping modifications would be completed on connecting streets to continue implementing the City’s Bicycle Action Plan.

To mitigate traffic impacts and disruptions to business, the contractor will obtain an after-hours permit for paving the non-residential streets,

The project also includes roadway improvements on Moomat Ahiko Way which involves replacing damaged concrete pavement, curbs, gutters, driveways, curb ramps and sidewalks; diamond grinding the entire roadway, and installing striping modifications.

Improvements are expected to start in October 2014 and be completed by November 15, 2014.

The Council also voted to make the Mexican sycamore (Platanus mexicana) the framing tree along Colorado Avenue for the Colorado Esplanade project, approved the 2013 Updated Greater Los Angeles County Integrated Regional Water Management Plan and authorized changing applications to certain City Boards and Commissions to request  that applicants answer more specialized questions.

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