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Santa Monica Council Expected to Approve $5.5 Million in Expenses

Santa Monica Real Estate Company, Roque and Mark
By Lookout Staff

November 14, 2012 -- Santa Monica's City Council will dish out some $5.5 million if they approve the consent calendar Tuesday night.

The bulk of the money would go to a four-year $3,042,462 contract with Michelin to provide tires for Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus fleet. The $3 million is in addition to another $390,000 going to Goodyear to “to buy out the lease on the existing inventory of tires being used on the fleet,” according to staff.

“Tire leasing has been a standard practice in the transit industry since the 1940’s and a common practice at the Big Blue Bus (BBB) for the last 40 years,” staff wrote. “Leasing is more economical than purchasing since tire cost is based on a flat rate per mile-driven plus the costs of inspection, repair, replacement, and inventory control.”

Santa Monica's lease with Goodyear expires this December.

The Council will also decide whether to approve $326,481 in improvements to the Beach Bike Path. The contract with Sterndahl Enterprises Inc. would mean that the California-based firm would complete striping and signage work that was left unfinished Excel Paving, who repaved Lot 4S in July.

“The striping and signage improvements on the Beach Bike Path were not completed by Excel Paving because staff could not negotiate a reasonable price for work within the project budget and decided to bid the project separately,” staff wrote.

The Council will also vote on whether to modify the City's agreement with Bowman Systems, LLC, the Lousiana-based company that manages Santa Monica's Homeless Management Information System.

The modification to the agreement would cost the City $146,760.

The Council will also have to decide whether to spend $180,906 to replace a heavy-duty service truck for Big Blue Bus.

At a special joint meeting of the Redevelopment Successor Agency, Parking Authority, and City Council, the groups will have to decide whether to maintain the services of Public Resources Advisory Group (PRAG) until January 31, 2013 for $650,000.

“PRAG has provided advisory services for a broad range of issues including issuance of new debt, refunding of existing debt, a debt capacity study, presentations to rating agencies, a review of risk mitigation measures, and consultation on Redevelopment/Successor Agency issues,” staff wrote.

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