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Driver Arrested for Running Down Santa Monica Cyclist  

By Lookout Staff

August 29, 2011 -- A motorist was arrested Thursday in Santa Monica for allegedly running down a bicyclist with his car on Barnard Way.

The driver, Jeffrey Ray Adams, and the bicyclist were arguing when Adams allegedly swerved his car into the bicyclist, according to Santa Monica Police Sergeant Robert Almada.

Adams was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon. After posting $30,000 bail, Adams was released by police.

The bicyclist was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released.

The incident, which happened on the 2600 block of Barnard Way, has been described as “another clear cut incident of … road rage” by Los Angeles bicycle activist group, Bikeside LA.

The organization's report on the incident on their blog includes a video of the confrontation between the driver, the victim and witnesses who waited with the victim for the police and paramedics to arrive.

In the video, the driver claims that the bicyclist hit his car, a claim some witnesses said was belied by the fact that the car had crossed the double yellow line into an oncoming traffic lane.

Barnard Way, a designated bike route where the incident happened, is a relatively low-speed stretch of road that winds along the scenic coastline.

Just last week, the City Council heartily endorsed the draft Bicycle Action Plan, hoping that it will increase ridership in Santa Monica by making the roads safer and more navigable for bikes by creating new routes, more distinct bike lanes as well as promoting bike safety education for riders and drivers alike.

But there remains the question of incidents like this one, seemingly motivated by road rage.

According to Police Investigator Chris Dawson, as of last month, there had been 70 bicycle accidents in Santa Monica this year, 29 of which were the fault of the motorist.

Now, that number may have to be revised to 30.


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