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Local Republicans Weigh in on Palin

By Jorge Casuso

September 3 – With fewer than 10,000 registered voters, they make up less than one-fifth of Santa Monica’s electorate, and in a liberal city their views are sometimes considered extreme and go unheeded.

They’re Republicans, and on the eve of the unlikely nomination of a relatively obscure governor as their party’s first woman vice presidential candidate, they were asked by The Lookout to weigh in on Sen. John McCain’s surprise choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

They touched on Palin’s position on abortion rights, her daughter’s pregnancy and what her nomination shows about McCain’s leadership style. Here are their thoughts:

Carole Curry, member of the Santa Monica College Board for 27 years: I think it’s excellent. Being a governor and being a mayor is pretty good experience

I’m a woman for choice, but I think she’ll be a spark for his campaign, though I think it will hurt her among some women. Some Hillary (Clinton) supporters will look twice.

I’m disappointed that the media is focusing on her child. It’s totally a risk, but he (McCain) is one that takes risks, and he’s invigorated his base, that’s for sure. The campaign, you kind of want to watch now and see how it develops.

Robert Kronovet, Rent Control Board candidate and only Republican running for local office: I think it makes the ticket very exciting. She has administrative talents, she has multi-tasking talents and represents a more future-looking sector of the Republican Party when it comes to equality.

I disagree on her stance on abortion, but there is no perfect candidate and no perfect party. She is going to certainly energize the ticket. Can she step in if John McCain drops dead? The answer is yes, definitely. John McCain is in many ways a maverick. It represents John McCain making decisions on his own.

Donna Alvarez, secretary of the Santa Monica Women’s Republican Club and former City Council candidate: I like it. I think it’s refreshing. She comes from a working family, like so many of us who are struggling. I just seem to think that you need someone that knows what it is to struggle.

I think it just proves how independent McCain is. McCain doesn’t fit a mold. He goes with his gut reaction. (Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy) proves how in tune (the vice presidential nominee) in with the world now.

John Bruce, businessman and lifelong resident of Santa Monica: We’re going to have to figure it out. Did they do enough homework before they selected her? It’s good if you hit it right. It’s one of those things.

They should leave the family alone. If you start digging into families, where do you stop? You’re picking a person, you’re not picking their family. It’ll be interesting to see how far they dig and who’s doing the digging.

Maria Sirotti, former president of the Republican Women’s Club: I got telephone calls from my niece, and the younger women are really enchanted by her.

She’s open, she’s bright, she’s beautiful and she can deliver. She’s a very good image for the modern woman. She seems to be able to do everything. She’s what we have, and what we have is just fine.

Eddie Guerboian, former Chamber of Commerce president and local businessman: I think it’s a fine choice. It’s a fresh concept. She’s a woman who knows what it takes to raise a family. (About Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy) That’s part of real life.


"I think she’ll be a spark for his campaign." Carole Curry


"I think it just proves how independent McCain is. McCain doesn’t fit a mold." Donna Alvarez


"Can she step in if John McCain drops dead? The answer is yes, definitely." Robert Kronovet


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