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Transit Officials Urge Drivers to Dump the Pump Thursday

By Lookout Staff

June 5 -- With gas prices doubling over the past three and a half years, local transit officials are urging motorists to park their cars and hop on the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus on National Dump the Pump day June 8.

The campaign is being mounted by transit agencies across the country to introduce drivers to a cheap, convenient form of transportation at a time when the high cost of driving is outpacing both food and healthcare costs for many American families, transit officials said.

“Dump the Pump Day is an ideal time for people who’ve never ridden public transit, or for those who only occasionally ride, to experience the quality and convenience of taking the bus to work, school or just around town,” said Stephanie Negriff, the Blue Bus’ director of Transit Services.

By using public transportation on a regular basis, a person could save between $300 and $3,000 in fuel costs a year, Negriff said.

In addition, the nation’s dependence on imported oil from the Persian Gulf would be slashed by more than 40 percent if Americans used public transportation for just ten percent of their daily travel needs, she said.

“Even taking public transit once in a while can make a big difference, both in terms of saving money and helping lessen our country’s dependence on foreign oil,” Negriff said.

With much of the Big Blue Bus fleet made up of natural gas vehicles -- which can reduce fossil fuel emissions of Carbon monoxide by 70 percent -- using public transit is also a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to get around, she said.

“By working together to help reduce air pollution, we can make the world a cleaner and better place for everyone,” Negriff said.

You can find a Big Blue Bus map and other information on fares, routes, special events, links to other transit agencies and additional rider services at www.bigbluebus.com or by calling 310-451-5444.

And remember to ask your Big Blue Bus driver for your “I Dumped the Pump” sticker!

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