Local Measures

Billboard Challenge Focuses Spotlight on Finance Law
October 26 -- Tucked along the City’s tree-canopied industrial corridor, a billboard heralding that Santa Monica is “for sale by City Council” is taking on an increasingly high profile.

No One Wants to Play with U
October 11 -- A consequential change to the city charter seems to be sailing along to the November election without a hint of opposition in a city that usually prides itself on political controversy.

Billboard Sends Voters Message
October 6 – Hoping size matters, opponents of a City Council sponsored initiative to override a voter-approved anti-corruption law have taken the unusual step of splashing their message on a billboard on a busy Santa Monica thoroughfare.

Reefer Reform
October 2 -- The war on drugs came down to the grassroots level when supporters of Measure Y squared off against local police on the enforcement of marijuana laws in Santa Monica in a debate on CityTV.

Righting a Wrong, or Just Plain Wrong
September 28 -- Does Measure W thwart the will of the people, or does it replace a badly written law? That’s what voters will have to decide when they’re asked whether the proposition on November’s ballot should replace the controversial “Oaks Amendment,” which prohibits elected officials from profiting from their position.

Clean Water Accord
September 26 -- It was two against one as Heal the Bay Executive Director Mark Gold and City Councilmember Richard Bloom debated Don Gray on the merits of Measure V, a property tax that will fund upgrades to the storm drainage system and other water management projects designed to clean the bay

Much Money, Good Prices
September 25 -- After more than a year of planning, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is asking voters to approve a school facilities improvement bond, and supporters and opponents of the measure squared off in front of CityTV cameras last week hoping to win voters to their sides.

Following the School Bond Money Trail
August 28 -- If the results of a recent poll are right, most Santa Monica and Malibu residents favor spending more money to improve local school facilities.But say “school bond financing” and watch your listener’s eyes glaze over. Many voters don’t know where bond money comes from and where it ultimately winds up, let alone how the amount of a bond is decided in the first place.

Council Places Amendments to Anti-Corruption Initiative on Ballot
August 15 -- Over the outcries of consumer advocates and testimony by a campaign finance expert that more can be done, the City Council voted last week to place amendments on the November ballot that many say will weaken an anti-corruption measure approved by Santa Monica voters six years ago.

Council Loads Up Local Ballot
July 27 – The November 7 ballot promises to be crowded with local initiatives, after the City Council Tuesday night took steps to place at least four measures before voters.

School Bond Likely in November
June 29 – Bolstered by the results of a poll, a who’s who of Santa Monica and Malibu school supporters Wednesday urged the School Board to place a $400 million bond on the November ballot.

Council Backs More Power for City Manager
June 15 -- Clearing the first hurdle in his quest for more hiring and firing power, City manager Lamont Ewell Tuesday received the unanimous backing of the City Council, which pushed ahead with changes to the city’s charter.

City Manager Seeks more Power over Hiring, Firing
June 13 -- After weeks of speculation, City Manager Lamont Ewell on Tuesday will push a plan to eliminate civil service protections for some top City workers and ask the City Council to help him place the proposed charter changes before local voters in November.

Shriver Calls for Municipal Reforms
June 8 -- If Santa Monica’s government is to run more effectively, City Council members should be better paid and have a personal staff, and the city manager should wield more power, Mayor Pro Tem Bobby Shriver told the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica.

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