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Santa Monica Should Pay for Grocery Worker Raises

February 3, 2021

Dear Editor,

Oh boy, oh boy. Kroger’s grocery stores are now in trouble. Councilmember Kevin McKeown is boycotting them for ever ("Two Long Beach Grocery Outlets to Close, Blame Measure Similar to Santa Monica Proposal," February 1, 2021).

Thank goodness his sagacity has come to the rescue of the poor grocery workers in Long Beach who are now fired and without jobs. I hope someone calls Kroger and tells them not to expect Kevin in their stores ever again.

I wonder if Santa Monica grocery workers will be laid off too? I think McKeown should explain to the general public why the pandemic is Kroger’s fault.

If the workers need more money for the great work they are doing to assist the residents of Santa Monica, why doesn’t the City just directly pay these workers?

The City pays long term tenants in our city $800 per month for doing nothing but living in their units for the last 20 years. Why not spread some of that money to where it will do the most good, i.e. working people?

Kroger has really made Kevin mad now.

Rosario Perry
Santa Monica

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