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Poll Showing Support for Santa Monica Airport Statistically Valid

May 16, 2012

Dear Editor:

In her letter regarding the City Council review on the future of Santa Monica Airport ("Take Back Santa Monica Airport Land," May 14)

Kelly Stevens asks where the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association got its facts from a survey submitted at the meeting May 8 and where “these pilots actually live?”
Our poll on residents’ feelings about the airport came from a statistically valid survey of voters in Santa Monica and NOT pilots, as Stevens’ letter alleges.

AOPA, which represents the general aviation interests of nearly 400,000 members in the U.S. and 46,000 in California, found that for the past 30 years, the airport has been plagued by a negative impression of public sentiment.

However, we discovered that no group, organization or individual had polled residents of the city on issues in the city including the airport. While some groups claim to have surveyed local households, it appears to us that none of the data collected was collected in a manner that provides statistical validity to the results.

AOPA hired APCO Insight, an international public policy consultancy, to survey 400 Santa Monica voters on their thoughts about the airport and other key issues in the city. Those results were presented to the City Council on May 8.

We hope that as the visioning process continues, any results will provide a balance between the city and surrounding region benefitting from a thriving general aviation airport and addressing the concerns of residents near the airport.


Bill Dunn
Vice President, Airport Advocacy
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

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