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Take Back Santa Monica Airport Land

May 14, 2012

Dear Editor,

Thanks for the article on the Santa Monica Airport. ("Council Puts Closing Santa Monica Airport on the Table," May 10, 2012).

I always find it interesting that Santa Monica loves to claim it is a green city but allows this dangerous and toxic airport to stay open.  Fact is 85 percent of residents that live near the airport want it closed.

According to the article, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association claims a survey it conducted shows that two-thirds of Santa Monica residents believe the airport should remain open. I would be interested to know where the pilots association got their "facts" and where these pilots actually "live?"

The airport serves the few not the many, and we living near it can no longer tolerate the constant barrage of noise, pollution and toxic cancerous particles raining down on our homes and gardens.

If the city will not fight the FAA to take back the land when the lease expires in 2015 it is time to vote all of them out of office.  We do not trust these so called representatives to protect us from the health hazard called SMO.

Thank you.

Kelly Stevens

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