Friends, two years ago you elected me the first
independent member of our Rent Board... I have
brought desperately needed new ideas and solutions
to our city government. Now I’m asking you to lend
us a hand again and elect me to city council.

Let’s Make Our City Council Work for EVERYONE!

Kronovet 4 Point Action Plan


I plan to reduce traffic with the following proven techniques:

In downtown we will use redevelopment money to erect a 1,000 space parking structure on our Civic Center lot, and we will model Buenos Aires and build 5,000 new spaces under our public parks.

I will reduce the residential street speed limit to 25MPH, and assure you that we will enforce it.

I will synchronize our lights to move traffic in and out of our city based on demand.


I believe the homeless population is a threat to our public safety and must be dramatically reduced. This is a state and federal issue and not a municipal one.

I will move to re-instate the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) a public work relief program started by FDR in1933 for unemployed men and women. When elected I will move to normalize our city and match the level of financial and staff resources that our neighbor cities have committed to.


Santa Monica’s prosperity depends on the following:

1) Building our tourism business, that means you and I are committed to bringing tourism dollars to our city.

2) I will promote small, medium and large business by being more

friendly thereby removing unnecessary red tape, reducing taxes,

and promoting local hires.

3) It’s time to reduce the emphasis on low income housing projects and build more market rate units.


I’m running to re-direct 20 million dollars to our schools.

1) I will stop the lending of between 7 million and 12 million dollars a year to the Santa Monica Community Corp.

2) The city spends more then 2 million dollars yearly on “consultants”. We have city staff who are perfectly qualified to do this work.

3) For the last 32 years the SMRR city council has duplicated many

County and State social and housing programs, costing the tax

payer over 10 million dollars a year.