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January 2009

1-30-2009 -- Victims of Plane Crash Worked for Air Travel Site
1-30-2009 -- Light Rail Officials Release Impact Report
1-28-2009--City, District Launch Negotiations
1-28-2009 -- PUBLIC NOTICE-- Tuesday's City Council Wrap Up
1-28-2009 -- Council Votes to Appoint Katz Replacement
1-27-2009 -- ICE Draws Nearly 60,000
1-27-2009 -- Cirque du Soleil Poised to Return to Santa Monica
1-26-2009 -- WHAT I SAY --
"Hail to the Chief" (suddenly I love that tune)
1-26-2009 Shriver Expands Base.htm
1-26-2009 -- "Salt and Pepper" Bandit Strikes Near Santa Monica
1-23-2009 Council Set to Launch Process to Replace Katz.html
1-23-2009 City Warns Businesses of Hazardous Materials Violations.html
1-21-2009-Teachers Union Wil Fight Any Layoffs.html
1-21-2009-New Boss Same as the Old.html
1-20-2009 Santa Monica Man Displaced by Fire.html
1-20-2009 Santa Monica Hires Assistant City Manager.html
1-20-2009 Police Seek Hit and Run Driver.html
1-19-2009 Martin Luther King Celebrations.html
1-19-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Herb Katz Would Have Loved This
1-15 2009--Council Gives Apartment Condo Dwellers Relief from Smoke
1-15-2009--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Downtown Construction Update

1 14 2009--Council Finally Releases School Funds
1-14-2009-- Letter to the Council from Interim Supt. Tim Cuneo

1 14 2009--Meet the New Districts Team
1-14-2009--OPINION--Frost/Nixon: Opie’s Fantasy Vendetta

1-14-2009--LETTERS -- Pick Poundstone for Fundraiser

1 13 09 Hotels Prepare for Tough Year.htm
1 13 09 Economic Headwinds.html
1-13-2009--OPINION Giving Back: The Legacy of Herb Katz
1 12 2009 School District_Pulls Plug on Latino Comedian

1-9-2009 Katz Dies Helped Shape face of Santa Monica
1-8-2009--LETTERS -- No Laughing Matter
1-7-2009 Gear Collapses as Plane Lands
1-7-2009 Public Can Exercise Their Rights
1-6 -2009--Contractor Charged
1-6-2009--Santa Monica City Offers Christmas Tree Recycling
1-5-2009--The Year in Review
1-5-2009 Memorial Service for Clyde Smith


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