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Making History in Santa Monica

By Oscar de la Torre

May 24, 2015 -- It was great walking on the Samohi football field today where I once played and practiced. Only this time I was there to tackle social justice issues with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

A diverse crowd of over 7,000 students, teachers and Santa Monica residents waited in line to form part of a historical moment. I ran into Samohi teachers and saw students excited, chanting and holding up Bernie posters with pride.

I was told this morning that I might be speaking and Elias helped me craft my message during a morning beach run. I was joined by family and friends. Maria, Oscar Jr and Fidel took pictures and selfies that will always bring back good energies.

As I said in my speech, the students, staff and alumni of Santa Monica High have a long history of progressive activism. It is fitting that a presidential candidate that puts people before profit would choose Santa Monica High to speak.

Bernie Sanders delivered. I support his candidacy because I trust in his intentions. Seeing him speak I thought to myself: he is not like any politician I have ever heard speak in the USA.

Oscar de la Torre at Bernie Sanders Rally.
Oscar de la Torre at Bernie Sanders Rally.
Photos Courtesy PYFC

I must say, one thing I will always remember is Bernie telling me, like he told the rest of the crowd, that by reigning in Wall Street's hold on legislators and demilitarizing police departments, we can re-invest in health and education. He said, only a political revolution can accomplish this transformation.

Oscar de la Torre is a School Board member and Founder of the Pico Youth & Family

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