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By Hector Gonzalez
Special to The Lookout

January 29, 2016 -- CLARE Foundation officials showed off newly remodeled residential quarters for men clients during an open house Thursday at the drug and alcohol recovery program on Pico Boulevard.

CLARE Foundation's Men’s Treatment Program, a 24-hour residential program, was upgraded to give residents more privacy, said Grace Lee, spokesperson for the nonprofit organization.

“Before the renovations, the men’s treatment looked institutionalized and kind of like dorm rooms,” said Lee. “We wanted to give clients a sense of privacy, even though they’re sharing the room. So we moved out some of the beds and partitioned off beds so they have separate sleeping quarters.”

The Men’s Treatment Program can serve up to 44 clients, who arrive at CLARE Foundation through “many different sources, including word-of-mouth, website traffic and other treatment centers,” Lee said.

Improvements at the Men’s Treatment Program are the “first in a series of building revamps to provide enhanced living and service space for staff, clients and the community,” Lee said.

Up next, the organization announced it will renovate its Sober Living community, which provides a safe and supportive space for individuals in recovery, said Lee.

Lee said officials at the nonprofit also are busy organizing CLARE Foundation's 2016 State of Addiction event next month.

“Last year, we hosted a panel of Hollywood movers and shakers that included our board member and actor Stephen Moyer,” said Lee.

State Assembly member Richard Bloom, whose 50th District includes Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Pacific Palisades, spoke at the 2015 State of Addiction event, telling the audience the problem of addiction is “a particularly pernicious problem in the entertainment industry.,”

“The industry should do more to communicate a message of recovery,” said Bloom at last year's event.

“This year, we’ll be focused on women in recovery,” said Lee.

More details of the event will be released soon, she said.

CLARE Foundation has provided treatment, recovery and prevention services for alcoholism and substance abuse since 1970.

The foundation began as a volunteer effort in the 1960s, when a group of recovering alcoholics started distributing food and blankets to homeless people at Santa Monica Beach and Venice, the group's website said.

“Using a variety of methods including individualized treatment protocols grounded in evidence-based practices, CLARE continues to help those confronting addiction and produce positive and long-lasting results for those who seek effective treatment,” the website said.

For more information about CLARE Foundation, call 310-314-6200.

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