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By Daniel Larios
Staff Writer

May 19, 2014 -- The Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD) has been busy the past couple of days, putting out a fire last Thursday in Santa Monica and fighting wildfires in San Diego.

Three apartment units were damaged after an electrical transformer exploded and caught fire at an apartment complex, resulting in the displacement of a family from their home. 

At approximately 10:46 p.m., SMFD responded to several reports of an explosion followed by a fire at 850 Second Street, according to Deputy Santa Monica Fire Chief Tom Clemo.

Upon arrival, SMFD crews observed heavy fire and smoke from a third floor apartment in the multi-unit occupancy complex.

Forty-two firefighters managed to extinguish the flames and limit the damage by 11:28 p.m., said Clemo.

At the time, only one civilian reported mild smoke inhalation, and no injuries to firefighters were sustained.  Two apartment units sustained smoke and water damage while one unit was totally destroyed.

Residents from the damaged units were able to stay with family members in the area for the night, and the Red Cross would be assisting the family that was displaced, according to Clemo.

Prior to the fire, witness heard a large explosion from a nearby transformer.

Santa Monica Fire Department experienced several unrelated calls for service within its jurisdiction shortly after the initial fire requiring the assistance of Beverly Hills, Culver City and Los Angeles City Fire Departments.

SMFD Fire Investigators are currently investigating the cause of the explosion.

Prior to the evening fire, the SMFD was sent to assist in fighting the massive wild fire in  the San Diego area.

At 6:54 a.m. on Thursday, Two SMFD Engine companies were dispatched
as part of a mutual aid request to help control what is now known as the Cocos Fire in San Diego, according to Clemo.

The two Engine Companies are part of Strike Team XLA-1075A, combining resources with fire departments from nearby Beverly Hills, Culver City and City of Los Angeles.

The Strike Teams arrived later that day at 10:24 a.m at the staging location at Cal State San Marcos.  They were immediately placed into an active Division providing structure defense, according to Clemo.

There is no interruption in emergency services to the Santa Monica community while the Strike Team is deployed as backfill crews were immediately called in to staff reserve apparatus, said Clemo

SMFD strike team photos and information can be found on the department’s social media sites on Facebook and Twitter

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