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City Council to Consider $1 Million in Expenditures

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By Daniel Larios
Staff Writer

May 12, 2014 – In a meeting where most of the attention will be on the fate of the Hines development project at Bergamot Transit Village, the Santa Monica City Council is expected to approve approximately $1 million in expenditures Tuesday when it votes on the consent calendar portion of the agenda.

The Council will consider allocating $23,050 toward the construction of the Woodlawn Memorial Wall Project, a commemorative wall honoring Santa Monica residents who fought and died in war.

City staff says the estimated project construction costs are $36,300, with $13,250 already raised from private donations.

People being memorialized on the wall include those who were “born in Santa Monica and died while in service during a time of war, in combat or otherwise, after Santa Monica was established as a city (1875); had a Santa Monica address when they died while in service during a time of war, in combat or otherwise or died while in service during war, in combat or otherwise, and chose to be interred in Santa Monica,” according to the staff report.

The contract was awarded to Ramco General Engineering & Building Contractor. The project began last month and is scheduled to be completed by May 26. City staff is continuing to accept private donations.

The council will also consider allocating $260,000 for a two-year contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) for supplemental law enforcement services for special events in Santa Monica.

“The growing success and popularity of the Pier Corporation Twilight Concert Series (TCS) necessitates the need for these supplemental law enforcement services to meet the increased public safety needs during these large events,” Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said. “Access to these additional public safety resources available from the Sheriff’s Department would help to ensure an ongoing high level of police services throughout Santa Monica.”

City staff estimates the cost of additional public safety resources would range from $13,000 to $26,000 per event, including the Sheriff’s full mobile field force, if needed.

The council will also consider allocating $99,183 for prisoner transportation service from the LASD from Santa Monica to the Los Angeles Superior Court at Los Angeles International Airport.

“The Santa Monica Police Department has been utilizing services of the LASD to transport prisoners from the SMPD Jail to the LAX Courthouse since July 2004; the current service agreement expires on June 30, 2014,” Seabrooks said. “Under the terms of the service agreement, the LASD’s personnel make one pick-up at SMPD on each court business day and transports both male and female prisoners to the LAX Courthouse. SMPD personnel provide security for the loading od the LASD bus and are responsible for the custody of all arrestees until the arrestees are physically on the bus.”

The council will also consider a $272,360 agreement with Carollo Engineers to provide engineering design services, develop construction documents and provide engineering support during the construction phase of the Marine Park Irrigation Retrofit Project.

This project includes the installation of nearly 5,000 linear feet of treated urban runoff water pipeline from a 2.75 million gallon reservoir located beneath the City of Los Angeles’s Penmar Park into a daily holding tank at Marine Park.

Also on the consent calendar is an item to close the low-threat underground storage tank case at the Big Blue Bus yard.

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