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Santa Monica’s Pacific Park Turns out the Lights for Climate Change

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By Lookout Staff

March 26, 2014 -- Santa Monica’s iconic Ferris wheel will go dark for an hour this Saturday night to help call attention to the impact of global climate change.

Along with international landmarks like the Eifel Tower, Big Ben and the Parthenon, Pacific Park’s Ferris wheel will turn out its lights at 8:30 p.m. local time for Australia-based nonprofit Earth Hour’s “light’s out” event.

“Pacific Park works hard to be a leader in our industry and community for green initiatives and sustainability,” said Jeff Klocke, Pacific Park’s vice president of marketing and administration.

“We look forward to participating each year in Earth Hour to help underscore our commitment to the environment,” Klocke said.

“In addition to the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel with energy-efficient LED lights, Pacific Park has replaced all light fixtures, provides employees with reusable bottles and mugs instead of bottled water and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the Park,” he said.

Santa Monica’s famous solar-powered Ferris wheel has 160,000 energy-efficient lights “that present dynamic, custom, computer-generated lighting entertainment each evening,” Pier officials said.

“The eco-friendly, enhanced LED lighting provides 75 percent greater energy savings than most Ferris wheel’s traditional incandescent bulbs,” they said.

In 2010, the City, the Chamber of Commerce and the nonprofit, Sustainable Works, presented Pacific Park with the prestigious “Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment” award at the 15th annual Sustainable Quality Awards.

Officials said that it was only natural that Pacific Park would join with Earth Hour, founded in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, “as a campaign for action on climate change and to engage the mainstream population behind the issues facing the planet,” officials said.

According to organization’s official mission statement, Earth Hour’s goals are “To bring people together through a symbolic hour-long event, inspire people into taking action beyond the hour and create an interconnected global community sharing the goal of a sustainable future for the planet.”

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