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L.A. Marathon Hits Santa Monica

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By Daniel Larios
Special to the Lookout

March 6, 2014 -- For the fifth year in a row, the City of Santa Monica will host the finish line for the annual LA Marathon on Sunday, March 9.

With spectators, family and friends of the 25,000 runners joining regular Sunday crowds, City officials warn that driving and parking in the Downtown area will be extremely challenging.

“The City of Santa Monica encourages you to walk, bike or take public transportation to view the race,” said City officials.

Using alternative transportation will help people navigate the street closures and limited parking that comes with the Marathon.

The majority of street closures will begin at 5 a.m on the day of the marathon, with some streets closing at 10 p.m Saturday, officials said.

No traffic will be allowed to enter or cross the race course from 6 a.m until police and public safety officials reopen the streets on Sunday, according to officials.

Runners wind through northern Santa Monica, entering the bayside city at San Vicente Blvd and 26th Street. The course will continue west on San Vicente Boulevard and turn south onto Ocean Avenue.

Traffic will not be able to enter -- or cross -- the course at any point along San Vicente Boulevard or on Ocean Avenue between San Vicente and Colorado, officials said.

Motorists will be able to travel east on San Vicente Blvd, but will not be allowed to turn left, officials said.

The California Incline, southbound 2nd Street between Wilshire and Colorado, and Main Street between Pico and Colorado will be closed, according to officials.

Left turns will be restricted on northbound 5th Street between Colorado Avenue and Arizona Avenue. All traffic will be directed to Wilshire Boulevard and 4th Street to access Downtown parking garages, which will be closed from midnight to 7 a.m. Sunday.

City officials warned that public transportation will also be affected by the Marathon, with bus schedules and routes being changed or canceled for the day.

All Big Blue Bus (BBB) routes operating on the day of the marathon will be on detour and routes 4 and 9 will not be in service at all, officials said. Customer service will take calls from 7 a.m to 3 p.m on Sunday. Visit for more details and a printable BBB service map.

The streets are expected to begin reopening at the east end of the City by 5 p.m and to be completely reopened by 9 p.m, at the discretion of the Santa Monica Police Department., officials said.

Ocean Avenue, where the race finishes, will likely be closed until 9 p.m, officials said.

Runners without prepaid parking passes may park in any Civic Center location or South Beach Lot 4 before 6 a.m. for $25 and catch shuttle buses to the Dodger Stadium starting line between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Shuttles will depart from Main Street between Pico and Olympic, officials said.

Motorists can check for up-to-the minute parking availability using Santa Monica’s free parking app by visiting or at

@SantaMonicaCity on Twitter will also be posting updates on race day concerning parking, road closures and other information.

Visit for more information, maps, specials and more.


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