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Duran Endorses Shriver for LA County Supervisor

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By Daniel Larios
Staff Writer

July 9, 2014 – Former Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver Tuesday won the backing of rival candidate John Duran in his hotly contested runoff against Sheila Kuehl for County Supervisor.

The West Hollywood Councilmember, who finished third in last month’s primary, said he was “more closely aligned with Bobby philosophically," during an afternoon press conference outside the West Hollywood library.

Shriver, who finished second with 29 percent of the primary vote, welcomed the endorsement of Duran, who pulled in 16 percent of the vote. The two top vote getters will face off November 4.

“I am proud to announce that my friend, John Duran, is supporting my candidacy for County Supervisor,” Shriver said at the press conference, which was attended by Monica Council members Bob Holbrook and Tony Vasquez.  “It became clear right away that John is a class act—smart, thoughtful, and passionate about serving people.

“He ran a positive, issues-driven campaign that touched many voters,” Shriver said. “One of my greatest pleasures over these past five months has been getting to know him.”

Both Shriver and former state senator Kuehl actively campaigned for Duran’s endorsement days after the June 3 primary election.

They hoped to capture Duran’s strong following and the endorsement of the Los Angeles Times, LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, all of whom backed Duran in the primary.

Political observers have said that Duran’s endorsement  also could help attract more conservative voters in the Valley, where he did well in the primary.

Kuehl minimized the endorsement, saying that Duran’s backing was not crucial for a victory in November.

"I don't know how loyal all the voters might be to John, because in the areas where he did well, I still beat him,'' Kuehl said. “I don't dismiss it.

“I would have rather had the endorsement. But I don't think it will make that much difference in the long run.”

Kuehl, who like Duran is gay, told KPCC that she was “disappointed” in his decision.

“It’s quite disloyal to the LGBT community,” she said. "I don’t think every gay person has to endorse every other gay person but if you have a qualified LGBT candidate, you’d think you’d take that into account.” 

Since the primary, Shriver has picked up the endorsement from Duran’s colleague, West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico

“West Hollywood is a unique and close knit community,” D’Amico said in a statement. . “We need a Supervisor who understands local government and the challenges that a community like ours faces.

“As a former Mayor and Councilmember in Santa Monica, Bobby Shriver is that candidate,” he said.

Kuehl, who finished first with 36 percent of the vote, has also picked up high profile endorsements since the election from Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, LA City Controller Ron Galperin and U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman, who represents the San Fernando Valley.

“Sheila Kuehl has consistently, ably and effectively represented the Valley as a member of the state legislature,” Sherman said in a statement.  “We have worked closely together to reduce congestion on the 101 and 405 freeways and to prevent the overdevelopment of the Santa Monica Mountains.

“I know that Valley residents can trust Sheila Kuehl to be a powerful and passionate champion for their neighborhoods on the Board of Supervisors,” Sherman said.

However, the most coveted endorsement would come from County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who has yet to decide whom he will back.

Shriver and Kuehl are both competing to replace Yaroslovsky as supervisor of the Third District, which stretches from Hollywood to Santa Monica and includes the entire San Fernando Valley.

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