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Santa Monica Council to Consider $1 million Consent Calendar

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By Daniel Larios
Staff Writer

July 8, 2014 -- The Santa Monica City Council will consider nearly $1 million in expenses on Tuesday’s Consent Calendar, which includes a number of public works projects.

The biggest expense is the allocation of $500,000 to the Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority to upgrade five intersections on Colorado Avenue currently paved with a mixture of asphalt and concrete to concrete pavement, which last longer, according to the staff report.

“These betterments are recommended to be installed during the construction of the Exposition Light Rail (EXPO) project to minimize future traffic and operational interruptions to the rail line,” said civil engineer Hany Demitri.

The Authority is currently in the middle of installing tracks in Colorado Avenue, which are embedded in concrete. According to the report, it would be beneficial and cost effective to upgrade and improve the design by changing the five intersections to concrete.

“Concrete intersections are more sustainable and last longer, requiring less maintenance versus asphalt concrete intersections, said Demetri. 

“Completing this work now would prevent future street closures for repairs to asphalt, thereby impacting traffic for businesses, residents, tourists, fire, and police.”

The Council will also vote on awarding a $282,000 contract to Escondido-based J.R. Filanc Construction Company Inc. for the Santa Monica Urban Runoff Recycling Facility (SMURRF) Membrane Replacement project.

The project would replace and install new cassettes, membranes and frames (if necessary) for the SMURRF. 

SMURRF treats approximately 180,000 gallons of polluted urban runoff water per day, which is used for landscape irrigation and for indoor commercial building use, said Water Resources Manager Gil Borboa.

The membranes used to filter the urban runoff have a useful life of ten years and require replacement, with the expiration date coming up soon.

Council will also consider allocating $100,000 to Kennedy/Jenks Consultants to provide professional services for the development of the Sustainable Water Master Plan.

Services that Kennedy/Jenks would provide include completing the rate and revenue analyses for the Water Fund, finalizing the Sustainable Water Mater Plan and providing public outreach regarding any change in the rate structure. 

Council directed staff in 2011 to prepare a study session to examine the City’s water supply and to develop a plan to achieve complete self-sufficiency on local water sources by 2020, according to the staff report.

At a study session conducted in March 2011, staff proposed preparing a Sustainable Water Master Plan (SWMP).

“The plan envisioned maximizing the use and development of local groundwater resources at a sustainable level, increasing water conservation efforts, capturing and using rainwater and dry-weather runoff, reuse of greywater, exploring enhancements in water recycling efforts, and reuse of wastewater and other innovations,” said Barboa.

Council will also consider approving an agreement with the Santa Monica Municipal Employees Association (MEA) to adjust payment for shifts for library employees longer than the usual eight hours.

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