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Santa Monica College Planetarium to Explore Vast Universe

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By Lookout Staff

July 2, 2014 – Featuring deep-sky images of star clusters, planetary nebulae, and a bright supernova remnant, the Santa Monica College (SMC) John Drescher Planetarium is hosting a series of shows in July designed to inform the public of the vastness of the universe.

In addition to watching images of the summer sky, the planetarium’s July schedule offers an opportunity to catch up on the latest news about the Mars exploration programs currently in progress and planned for the future.

On July 11 and 18, the Planetarium will feature “Summer Deep Sky Wonders,” which features images of the “wonders of the summer sky” showing the birth and death of stars, the raw material of planetary formation, and countless distant galaxies.

“Come discuss what they seem to be telling us about our universe, and pick up tips on where to go to view these beauties,” said officials in a statement.

On July 25, the Planetarium will host the Mars Exploration Update, which will provide the latest news on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity and other craft.

Guests will also can view images from Mars’ Gale crater, review early results from the unmanned exploration missions, discuss new missions planned and talk about the future of Mars exploration.

The feature shows are at 8 p.m. and are preceded by “The Night Sky Show” at 7 p.m., offering the latest news in astronomy and space exploration, a family-friendly “tour” of the constellations and the chance to ask astronomy-related questions, said officials.

The feature shows, as well as the popular Night Sky Show, will be held on Friday evenings.

The John Drescher Planetarium, which features a Digistar projection system, is located near the elevators on the second floor of Drescher Hall, 1900 Pico Boulevard.

For the evening’s scheduled “double bill,” tickets are available at the door and cost $11 for general admission, $9 for seniors 60 and older and children 12 and under.

Single shows are $6 for general admission, $5 seniors and children, for a single show or telescope-viewing session.

Please call (310) 434-3005 or see or for information.

All shows subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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