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Twin Brothers Sentenced in Santa Monica Stabbing

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By Daniel Larios
Special to the Lookout

February 21, 2014 -- Identical twin brothers were sentenced this week in the stabbing of a Santa Monica man near the eastern edge of the city last summer.
Anthony and Conrad Sowash, 27, each pleaded guilty at the LAX Courthouse Monday to one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

Anthony Sowash
Anthony Sowash
Conrad Sowash
Conrad Sowash
The victim suffered multiple stab wounds but survived.

Anthony will serve six years in State prison for the stabbing, according to their plea agreement.  Conrad was released with time served and probation.  Although he acted in concert with Anthony during the assault, he did not use a weapon.

Photos courtesy of SMPD

The twin brothers, both from Los Angeles, have been in police custody since July 4, authorities said.

The incident took place in the early morning hours of Independence Day in the 3000 block of Santa Monica Boulevard.

Anthony, Conrad, and two of their female friends, were involved in an altercation with another group of young adults, police said. A friendly conversation between the two groups quickly escalated into a brawl, resulting in the stabbing.

“They didn't even know each other, ” said Det. Chad Goodwin, from the Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division. “They just met on the street and were making small talk.

“It's unknown what set off their argument, It was spur of the moment kind of thing, an act of random violence,” Goodwin said.

Santa Monica Police responded quickly and apprehended both Sowash brothers after a brief foot pursuit, police said. Their female companions were also arrested on misdemeanor assault charges.

All victims involved in the incident fully recovered from their injuries, police said.  Alcohol was not involved.

Anyone with questions or further information should contact the Santa Monica Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 310-458-8951 or Det. Goodwin at 310-458-8942.

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