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Furniture, Office Equipment Top Santa Monica City Council Expenses

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By Jason Islas
Staff Writer

February 7, 2014 -- The Santa Monica City Council will consider $1.3 million in routine expenses at the top of its Tuesday meeting.

Topping the list of expenses is a contract to replace City Hall’s furniture over the next three years and a five-year lease for a new color printer.

The $620,000 contract with Western Office Interiors, if approved, would put City Hall’s “furniture procurement and consulting services” in the hands of the California-based company over the next three years.

“Recent and pending furniture requests include new furniture for divisions in Public Works, the City Manager’s Office, Planning and Community Development and Finance,” staff said. “These orders vary in scope and size from two to eight work stations.”

Officials added that a remodel of City Hall Room 110 would also require approximately ten work stations.

The City Council will also consider a leasing a new color copy machine for five years for $346,020.

The deal with Xerox Corporation, if approved, would include maintenance of the machine.

“The Print Shop, under the Support Services Division of the Records & Election Services Department, provides internal printing and bindery services to City departments,” staff said. “With the lease expiration of one of two color copy machines, the Support Services Division solicited bids for a replacement.”

While Xerox wasn’t the cheapest option, staff said, the Connecticut-based company offered the best product of all the bidders.

The Council will also be asked to spend $250,092 on “a mobile hazardous material tanker live fire training prop system” for the City’s fire department.

“The training prop being purchased replicates a hazardous material tanker and provides first responders the opportunity to train on a variety of realistic scenarios including a live tanker fire,” staff said. “The system is designed to accommodate training in a manner which provides for safety first, while allowing for realistic training scenarios.”

Another $100,000 could go to pay Community Arts Resources (CARS) to produce the 23rd annual Santa Monica Festival.

“The Festival brings residents and visitors together to celebrate the community’s commitment to the arts, culture and the environment as well as the breadth and diversity of local resources in these arenas,” staff said.

Rounding out Tuesday’s expenses are two contracts with consultants to help with the City’s zoning update and traffic management plan.

The Council will consider increasing its contract with Dyett & Bhatia by $20,000 to help finish work on the City’s zoning ordinance update.

“The project’s scope of work includes the review and tracking of comments and public testimony on the draft, production or revision of maps and graphics, revision of the draft ordinance in advance of Council action, and attendance of Planning Commission and City Council hearings,” staff said.

Finally, the Council will consider a $30,000 increase to its contract with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. for work on the Berkeley Street Traffic Engineering Study.

“Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. has been assisting the City in conducting a traffic engineering evaluation of Berkeley Street between Stanford Street and Wilshire Boulevard,” staff said.

“At the most recent public meeting in November the residents expressed support for the recommended conceptual improvements,” staff said. “City staff would like to continue with the design of these recommended improvements so that they can be prioritized for funding and ultimately construction.”

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