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Documentary Focuses on Waste Pollution

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By Daniel Larios 
Staff Writer

April 25, 2014 -- The Santa Monica-based environmental nonprofit Sustainable Works will screen the award-winning documentary "Trashed” May 6 at the Aero Theatre, which is located at 1328 Montana Ave. The film features Oscar winner Jeremy Irons traveling through once-beautiful destinations that are now tainted by pollution.

The screening event, which will begin at 7:30 p.m., will include a panel discussion and bicycle giveaway.

"It's not every day you see Jeremy Irons sitting next to a mountain of garbage, but if humanity doesn't soon change its ways we may all soon be surrounded by refuse," event organizers said.

Irons, who won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1990 for his portrayal of Claus Von Bulow in "Reversal of Fortune," is the executive producer of the documentary. The film takes viewers from landfills in Lebanon and China to the polluted northern Pacific Ocean to show the effect of what the filmmakers say are billions of tons of waste produced annually.

"We hope the film will demonstrate that by changing the way we live our lives, we can contribute to our own survival and well-being, and ultimately that of the planet," said Irons in the film's trailer.

After the film, a panel comprised of environmental waste experts will discuss the different local, national and world perspectives on what they call the waste crisis. Following the discussion, Sustainable Works officials will give away a Beach Cruiser bicycle provided by Helen's Cycles in Santa Monica.

Admission to the Screening is free for Sustainable Works members, high school and college students with valid identification as well as the first 100 Santa Monica residents who reserve seats here. Tickets can be purchased here.

Everyone who attends the screening will receive a voucher for a free popcorn, candy or soda.

This event is also sponsored by the City of Santa Monica and Skanska Construction Group.

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