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Jail-Break Fugitive Captured in Santa Monica

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By Lookout Staff

April 4, 2014 -- A three-week manhunt ended Wednesday night after police arrested a fugitive from a Downtown Los Angeles jail outside of Santa Monica's Pico Youth and Family Center (PYFC), officials said.

Around 9:20 p.m., Santa Monica Police arrested 37-year-old Christopher Lee Brown, who escaped from Downtown L.A.'s Twin Towers jail last month, near Pico and Lincoln boulevards after a tipster reported seeing a man fitting Brown's description, according to officials.

According to officials, the arrest happened “without incident.”

PYFC founder and School Boardmember Oscar de la Torre told The Lookout that Brown had no affiliation with the Center, a nonprofit which was founded specifically to target at-risk youth 16 to 24 years old.

Brown was able to walk out of the jail by posing as another inmate mere hours after being sentenced on March 12 to four years for stealing computer equipment from a medical center, according to media reports.

Officials said that Brown's absence went unnoticed until deputies counted the inmates later that night.

According to reports, Brown was able to escape in part due to a lapse in “mandated security practices.”

After Brown spent nearly two weeks on the lam,  the L.A. County Board of Supervisors announced that it would offer $20,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

The Lookout was unable to ascertain whether the tipster involved in Wednesday's arrest would be eligible for the reward, however.

Officials said that Brown was returned to the Downtown L.A. jail where he is being held without bail as he faces a new charge of escape, officials said.

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