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Mexican National Convicted in 2012 Stabbing in Downtown Santa Monica

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By Lookout Staff

December 18, 2013 -- Francisco Leon-Urbalexo from Sonora, Mexico pled guilty last month to stabbing a Los Angeles resident in Downtown Santa Monica.

Leon-Urbalexo was sentenced to nine years in State prison for “attempted second-degree murder” after he stabbed 19-year-old Jarred Hill at the corner of 4th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard in August 2012.

“Upon his release from prison, he will be released to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials for deportation back to Mexico,” Santa Monica Police Department officials said.

Hill, who was stabbed around 6 p.m. while walking to a bus stop with his girlfriend, didn’t sustain any serious injuries and was out of the hospital less than a week after the stabbing.

“The victim and his girlfriend were randomly attacked as they left a local business,” officials said.

Leon-Urbalexo fled the state, officials said, and eventually turned up in Arizona.

“Urbalexo was tracked by Santa Monica Police detectives to Yuma, Arizona, where he was being detained by federal authorities for illegal entry into the United States,” according to officials.

He was extradited in June after his DNA matched evidence found at the scene of the crime.

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