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Santa Monica’s Wearin’ O’ the Green this St. Patrick’s Day  


By Melonie Magruder
Lookout Staff

March 16, 2012 -- Whether your name is O’Toole, Moskovitz or Ibrahim, Santa Monica will offer plenty of opportunity to get your Irish this weekend, with a number of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations around the city.

One can start early Saturday with traditional Irish breakfasts (heavy on the steel cut oats) and traditional Irish music to go with traditional Irish grub and acquire more than a passing acquaintance with that time-honored Irish tradition of learning to hold your whisky.

Whatever your fancy, with the “Buy Local” citywide celebration ongoing, Saturday might be a day to park the car in the garage, grab your shillelagh, and enjoy Santa Monica from a festive pedestrian’s point of view.

Saint Patrick was a 5th century British missionary who was captured by Irish raiders while a teenager. Eventually, he escaped his captors and fled to England, but was bidden in a dream to return to Ireland and convert the pagans there to Christianity.

Patrick shrewdly was able to appeal to Irish culture through mixing native rituals with Christian symbolism. The oft-repeated claim that he also chased all the snakes out of Ireland seems to be apocryphal, however.

So, whether saint or sinner, there will be a number of ways to celebrate the life of a 1600-year-old Gaelic holy man. And don’t forget to wear your green!

Finn McCool’s Irish Pub (2702 Main St) opens at 8 a.m. till the wee hous of the iorn. From opening till 1:00 p.m., thy&rSquo;re offering 0 free treas!and give-aways ($10(bo~er"the rest of the$day). Cocktqil shooters an$ specials, traditiolal Irish breakfasts and a St. Patdy&rsquo9s Day special mene rerved all da{. Trqditional Irish music in te fternoon " wmth Marian Tomas Griffin and!Friends. .d, appropriatgly, Thu Tru~ken ! Oonkeyr are playing