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Cuban Rebel to Take Santa Monica Pier



By Lookout Staff

August 23, 2012 -- A self-proclaimed musical “rebel” who was born in Cuba will take the stage Thursday night during the free Twilight Dance Series concert on the Santa Monica Pier.

Alex Cuba, a Canadian musician from Artemisa, Cuba, will bring his brand of
cosmopolitan music after Lucky 7 Mambo warms up the audience with their “multi-ethnic music-fusion of 1950s and 60s’ Spanish Harlem,” pier officials said.

“As rebels are often wont, Alex Cuba views his music as a liberating force,” Pier officials said.

Though he now lives in Canada, the influence of his tropical homeland still resonates in his music. He learned the music of Cuba from his father, a guitarist and music instructor. But Cuba’s travels have impacted his sound.

He cites influences as wide as "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis to The Beatles’ "White Album."

“His trademark sugarcane-sweet melodies, pop-soul hooks and rock chords subtly subvert commonly held notions of what Cuban music is,” according to Cuba’s website.

“The purpose of my music is to free up people, to free up musicians, to free up writers and composers and creators in the world,” Cuba said. “Music, for me, is not one style. I’m not creating for one kind of people.”

Before Cuba’s rebellious sounds fill the night air, however, another Latin group will get the audience swaying with a different sort of sound.

The seven-member Lucky 7 Mambo band will give the audience “the high energy sounds of the classic mambo featuring the harmonies of the vibraphone,” officials said.

On top of that, they will bring “a swingin’ dance beat” and “a thoughtful account of love lost (and) Latin pride,” officials said.

According to the band’s website, “’Lucky 7 Mambo’ is inspired by old-school greats like Jimmy Sabater, Cheo Feliciano, and Joe Cuba.”

Their “unique style draws the best of the Cuban son, African-American jazz and Puerto Rican soul.”

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