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Tracing the Contentious Path of the District's Gift Policy  

By Lookout Staff

November 29, 2011 --When the Santa Monica - Malibu School Board votes on whether to revise the district's gift policy at a special meeting Tuesday night, it will wade into a controversy that has been brewing ever since the issue was first proposed nearly a decade ago. Here from The Lookout's archives, is our coverage of the policy and the year-long debate it generated before it was adopted in September 2004.

"District Gift Policy Stirs Controversy," December 3, 2003

"WHAT I SAY: Harmonics and Disharmonics, Points and Counterpoints," December 13, 2003

"Malibu Parents Face off over Gift Policy," December 9, 2003

"Nuts and Bolts of Gift Policy Worry Art Advocates," January 22, 2004

"School Board Gives Initial Nod to Gift Policy," February 27, 2004

"Deasy Proposes Changes to Gift Policy," February 18, 2004

"School Board Establishes Committee to Study Gift Policy," March 15, 2004

"School Board Approves Gift Policy, Malibu Separation Process," September 14, 2004


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