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Jon Mann Keeps City Council Streak Alive  

By Jorge Casuso

August 13, 2010 – As Yogi Berra famously said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” That’s the case with Jon Louis Mann’s record streak running for City Council.

After the list of the qualified candidates was posted on the City Clerk’s site Wednesday night, Mann’s, as well as School Board candidate Jake Wachtel, were added Thursday morning, marking the perennial candidate’s 10th run for City Council.

“I had twice as many signatures as I needed,” said Mann. “I had 200 signatures.”

Mann, who reportedly was one of the last candidates to hand in his nominating petitions, believes the powers that be are out to make it hard for him to win.

“They just don’t want me to run,” Mann said. “I’m against special interests running the City instead of residents.”

Mann said he is expanding his campaign platform, which has always had as a cornerstone the use of the Internet as “a powerful tool for transparency and accountability, and to expose corruption, incompetence, and conflict of interest,” according to his candidate statement.

This time Mann says he’s “going a little bit further” by pushing a novel way to generate millions of dollars a year in revenues for the City during cash-strapped times.

“We should close the airport down in 2015” when the contract with the Federal government expires, Mann said. “We can use the hangars and have the City go into medicinal marijuana.

“Instead of making $1 million in taxes,” he said, “they’ll make $10 million.”

Mann, who finished 19th in his first race and usually finishes last, says his political fortunes have dipped further after changing his name from Jon Stevens to Jon Mann, his wife’s last name.

“I never do well, but I was doing better when I was Stevens,” Mann said. “I’ve been coming in last every time after I changed my name to Mann.”

Mann said he will continue to call it like he sees it. “I make a lot of enemies because I speak my mind. I can afford to do that because I don’t expect to win. I’m too much of a radical. I’m too negative.”

So is this the last time he’ll run?

“This might be the last time,” Mann said. “I thought the last time would be the last time. I’m getting burned out.”


"I had twice as many signatures as I needed. I had 200 signatures. They just don't want me to run, I'm against special interests running the City instead of residents."
    Jon Louis Mann



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