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Admitted Pedophile Spotted in Santa Monica

By Lookout Staff

July 27 -- An admitted pedophile from Washington State who reportedly photographs young girls in public settings has been spotted in Santa Monica, according to police.

Jack J. McClellan, 45, was observed at 2:30 p.m. Thursday in the children’s section of the Santa Monica Main Library by a mother.

Photos courtesy of the Santa Monica Police Department.

A public information bulletin issued by local police on Thursday describes McClellan as a “notorious pedophile advocate” and asks parents to closely monitor their children in his presence.

“McClellan is not a registered sexual offender and is not wanted at this time in connection with any crime,” according to the bulletin.

McClellan, who is 6’ 1” and weighs 195 pounds, drives a Blue 1993 Ford Escort two-door with Washington license plate 915WEX, police said.

“McClellan has recently been featured in national and local news reports in which he admits operating an Internet website catering to pedophiles,” police said.

“It is reported that McClellan traveled all over Washington State and photographed young girls in public settings,” the bulletin states. “In the news reports McClellan admits being a pedophile who is sexually attracted to young girls.”

McClellan was recently spotted in the Santa Clarita Valley, where he was the subject of a story Monday in The Signal, a newspaper that serves the valley area. (read story)

According to the report, McClellan posts pictures of the girls accompanied by accounts of his search for subjects.

“On June 9, according to his posting on the Internet, he scouted youngsters at Santa Clarita Lanes bowling alley on Soledad Canyon Road,” wrote Jim Holt, a staff writer for The Signal.

“When he left the bowling alley on his own, McClellan, 45, crossed the street to Saugus Speedway and joined scores of families roaming the grounds at the San Fernando Valley Fair, according to his Internet posting,” Holt wrote.

“With children darting from ride to ride, eating cotton candy, petting zebras and playing games of chance, McClellan strolled the grounds anonymously,” wrote Holt. “Most likely, parents would not have recognized the man in his characteristic black wide-brim hat.

“But they probably would have recognized pictures of their own daughters, photographed by McClellan in public places and posted on his Web site,” according to the news story.

McClellan’s Web site, Seattle Tacoma Everett Girl Love, was shut down by its Internet service provider, according to Washington State officials quoted in the report.

He has since started another site, according to the article.

The Web site, according to Fox News in Seattle, "iis a virtual 'how-to' manual, complete with the best places in western Washington state to see little girls, and tips on how to avoid getting caught by the police."

McClellan says he left Washington and headed south to the Los Angeles area "to get away from media reports and the resulting angry moms," according to a report on Seattle's KOMO-TV web site

McClellan is the subject of more than 150 entries on the Internet, inclusing news reports and at least one Website that tracks his wanderings and posts alerts.

Those who see McClellan should closely monitor any children in his presence, police said.

Those who see him in an area frequented by children should notify the local police department.

For additional information please contact the Santa Monica Police Department
Juvenile Crimes Section Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. or call 310. 458.8451. The watch commander can be reached 24 hours a day at 310.458.8427.







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