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Let’s Ask the Medical Professionals a Question

Dear Editor,

The press continuously asks President Trump and members of his administration and dozens of economists if -- in their quest to reopen the economy sooner rather than later, they are willing to be responsible for a larger number of additional deaths.

The question is designed to intimidate the Administration and the economists into silence and to prevent any reopening of the economy until (and if ever) the media decides it is ‘safe’ and alright to do so.

But, from our incurious media, where is the obvious counter question:

"Are you medical professionals willing to accept full responsibility for the countless deaths from poverty, substance abuse and mental issues that closing down the economy beyond its ability to recover will inevitably cause to not one, but two or three generations of Americans?”

It’s a fair question that the media, by refusing to ask, allow the medical profession to avoid answering.

Meanwhile, the media refuse to write about the potential economic devastation that any prolonged shutdown of 75 percent of the economy will have.

Shuttered businesses and the unemployed don’t pay taxes to support government employment and social safety net expenditures including Medicare and Medicaid.

Nonpayment of debts, insurance and rents and the inability to consume eventually cascades through the system and collapses large businesses and, then, the financial system.

The idea this can’t happen in eight or ten weeks reminds me of Lord Melbourne’s observation:

“What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has happened.”

How many future lives will be potentially destroyed for each additional day, week and month that you continue your ‘mitigation’ efforts in its present form?

Policy has consequences.

Kip Dellinger
Santa Monica

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