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City Deals Another Blow to Property Rights with New Emergency Order

Dear Editor,

I never thought that increasing the rights of tenants and further weakening the rights of housing providers in Santa Monica was even possible.

But the latest order from the City Manager does just that ("Santa Monica Further Strengthens Tenant Protections During Coronavirus Emergency," April 8, 2020).

Among its provisions, the order gives tenants the right to allow "unauthorized occupants or their pets" to move in and out of a unit whenever they wish without an owner's consent.

This obviously runs against the Governor and the President's desire to maintain social distance and, instead, allows tenants to bring in filthy, diseased animals, while, in some cases, not having to pay rent.

But the more punitive and uglier aspect of the order, and in many ways the true essence of discrimination, is the additional fines on desperate, suffering housing providers and property owners seeking a glimpse of hope.

Wherever they turn, every door is slammed shut with a sign that reads: "Do not enter, you are not wanted, you are sub human."

How is it that Santa Monica and California elected officials follow the Soviet model every chance they get? "Government Knows Best" is their slogan.

Our elected officials and other tenant advocates know best through their social strength, their compassion, their intellectual ability and their true appreciation of the arts.

Once again, Santa Monica and California residents need to remember: You have the power in your hands. Vote out these die-hard lefty Democrats. It's time to bring back a moderate voting bloc that puts the land-owning citizen above the government.

Many years ago, the framers deeply believed that only land owners and property owners should vote.

Think about that as the government of California, and specifically Santa Monica, gives away your hard work based not on merit, but on the voting interests of certain tenant groups that have destroyed our state.

Without private property rights, we will all be slaves of the State.

That's perhaps exactly what our opponents would like.

Robert Kronovet
Former Santa Monica Rent Commissioner

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