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Dear Editor,

We all live in this town collectively. We all pay taxes for use of the 
city streets. Please, please, Santa Monica, stop
diverting/choking/slowing/impacting your residents' use of our roads.
While I live in Sunset Park, I shop, dine, and recreate all around Santa Monica. I'm not in a bicycling demographic, so you bet I use my car (ever try to bring a 50 pound bag of dog food home on a bike?).

Michigan Ave. is an important street for residents. Please don't monkey with street closures, lane restrictions, or other methods of keeping the legitimate users of the streets off of it.

Boy, I wish the lawyers were still here; they'd put a stop to this illegal usage of streets, their upkeep paid for by gasoline taxes on, guess what - motor vehicles! 

Deborah Ford

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