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Going to Appalling Lengths

July 8, 2005

Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading The Lookout's article on the millionaire developer abusing the rules of a rent control apartment. ("Court Upholds Rent Board Regulation," July 1, 2005)

I am encouraged to see the Santa Monica Rent Control Board making good judgments regarding the beneficiaries of this apartment assisted living law. It is appalling to see the extent that a renter will go to keep one of these rental privileges when he is obviously breaking the intent of the rules.

In this particular situation, a wealthy developer has no shame in contending that he will no longer be allowed to pay just $900 per month for his penthouse apartment looking over the coast when it is not his primary residence, which is an exclusive home in Beverly Hills

I add that it is incredibly difficult with our government's privacy act for a landlord to obtain proof for the rent control board that the apartment is not the tenant's usual place of return. This arduous task must be done with a lawyer familiar with this unique ordinance and City.

I am presently filing this same regulation 3304 with a tenant in my building that uses my $433 per month apartment as a motel because of his commute from his house to his job with the City.

Thank you for keeping us informed of the developments with the rent control law.

Patrick Davies
Santa Monica

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