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"How Dare You" and "You Go Grrrl!"

August 14, 2002

Dear Editor,

How dare you try to slant this election when some of the candidates have not even qualified yet? The idea that you would say at this early stage that I am "not expected to win" is shameless journalism. ("Opponents Fail to Capitalize on SMRR Split," August 14.)

If we were to believe the word of Jorge, the almighty political know-it-all, would this mean that Richard Bloom should not have tried again after his first two unsuccessful attempts to win a seat on the City Council?

How dare you try to put thoughts in people's heads as to who is going to win this election.

I expect an immediate retraction and an apology from you and your organization, and I believe that the community deserves an apology as well for you trying to manipulate them into believing something that you have no clue about.

Chuck Allord

August 14, 2002

Dear Editor,

I am so happy that Jorge Casuso has a direct line to God; moreover, I sincerely hope that since Jorge Casuso decided to share his "sublime vision" with us that some of the candidates will not win in November, why bother to have the election.

But Jorge Casuso did more then just telling the voters that some candidates will not win, he gave the names of those who will not win, and this is very impressive, now "oh wise Jorge" will I or will I not have to pay the parcel tax?

I am making a joke, but this is not a joke when a "journalist" so brutally tells the candidates that they will not win. This is poor journalism and perhaps Jorge Casuso needs to go back to college to learn how to be a good journalist.

I have no idea who will vote for those who Jorge Casuso already made losers, but he has no right to do so, the voters will decide, Jorge Casuso does not, not today any way!

Maria Sirotti
Santa Monica

August 13, 2002

Dear Editor,

Yeah Josefina, just accept the condescending advice of the likes of Kathleen S. (LETTERS: "Unsolicited Political Advice," August 13) and Frank G. (WHAT I SAY: It's Getting Hot in the Kitchen," August 12) and everything will be fine.

Don't dare rock the vote, or the powers that be will sink your boat. SMRR loves to boast about our "world class" city while the quality of life of ordinary citizens goes to hell in a hand basket. They may know how to win elections and crank out double-speak, but their only success is turning our once quiet community into hell on wheels.

The Promenade has become a corporate defecation row peopled by strangers and decorated with litter. Gunfire is rife within the Pico Neighborhood and all Frank Gruber can do is rattle on about how cool we are.

You and I are polar opposites, (although I've voted Green forever) Josefina, but I admire the heck out of you for having the guts to be your own woman, and the Pico Neighborhood's voice despite the tired..... adnauseam ...litanies of SMRR's talking heads. You go grrrl!

Steven Keats

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